Market Analysis | Bit market strong breakthrough, mainstream currency can highlight

Market fundamentals:

Today, the currency market is still quiet. In the mood of the IEO SGD, the bit disk surface suddenly rises to the ground. A huge amount of big sun column has soared through 2 important pressure points of 4,300 US dollars and 4,500 US dollars (Bitfinex platform). Rush to the $5,100 mark. Shortly after the disk change, the market sent a message that “the SEC approved the issuance of the Bitcoin ETF”. In the blink of an eye, the media in the currency circle came out as a “fake news”. I want to remind everyone that the true and false of the news is not the focus for the time being. The main point is that the market leader has broken through the long-awaited $4,300 mark with the help of the news. The breakthrough of this mark will bring the market into a new one. stage!

Trend Analysis BTC

The bit-panel market has taken the initiative to launch an offensive and rapid rise, successfully breaking through 2 important barriers of 4,300 US dollars and 4,500 US dollars (Bitfinex platform). The short-term huge increase has over-extended over-the-counter funds. The disk needs to be fully revised to build a support platform and hold the newly-built Jiangshan is the main task of the bit-header. Bits of a big Yang column awakened the dream people, the market needs to give enough time to let the funds look hesitant to participate. At this stage, the bit disk will be consolidating at $4,500-4,850 (Bitfinex platform), and the daily trend is still on the rise!

Below support level Bitfinex: $4,500\fire: $4,400

Upper pressure bit Bitfinex: $4,850\fire coin: $4,790


Ethereum followed the bit market and rose slightly. In the short-term, it was mainly based on the stock market. After the sideways trading, Ethereum will appear to make up.

Below the support level: $146

Above pressure pressure: $152


After experiencing 17 days of sideways volatility and time-for-space, the Litecoin today coincided with a good opportunity to break through the large-scale pressure of $62.5. In the later period, it will start to break upwards around the rising channel around the daily line.

Below the support level: $62.5

Upper pressure fire coin: $72.5

(Source: QKL123 )


The grapefruit EOS disk was not shocked when it experienced the skyrocketing market. From the proportion of the transaction increment and the speed of capital inflow, the main force was still immersed in the idea of ​​gaining momentum, but the active sentiment of the overall market directly pushed the disk to break through $4.38. The pressure level. The above $4.95 will be a huge pressure at this stage, and it will take a long-term momentum to make an effective breakthrough. Therefore, the short-term disk will be dominated by shocks.

Below the support level: $4.38

Upper pressure fire coin: $4.95

This article represents only personal opinions and does not constitute any investment advice! The market has risks to enter the market to be cautious!

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