Counterfeit legal digital currency, "Li Gui" is rampant! The central bank reminded me three times, and there is a lot of information.

Source: Shanghai Securities News China Securities Network

China's legal digital currency DC/EP is becoming the focus of the financial sector, and when it is officially unveiled is even more eye-catching for the world.

In September, Mu Changchun, director of the Central Bank's Digital Money Institute, said that the Chinese version of the legal digital currency was ready, but did not disclose the timetable. At the end of October, Huang Qifan, vice chairman of the China International Economic Exchange Center, once again talked about the legal digital currency, once again igniting the market's enthusiasm for emerging currencies.

At the time of the central bank's research and development of digital currency, many institutions also took the opportunity to speculate, even playing the role of "Li Gui".

In response to this situation, the central bank has repeatedly rumored. From such a rumor, everyone can also look at some of the basic framework of the Chinese version of digital currency.

Li Gui has been hitting porcelain, and the central bank has continued to blame!

On the 14th, the central bank issued an announcement on these “Li Gui” risk warnings to investors.

According to the announcement, the People's Bank of China has not issued a legal digital currency (DC/EP) and has not authorized any asset trading platform to conduct transactions. The People's Bank of China has been studying the legal digital currency since 2014 and is still in the process of research and testing.

The market transactions "DC/EP" or "DCEP" are illegally set digital currency, and the legal digital currency issuance time is inaccurate.

At present, the so-called legal digital currency issuance and the use of the “DC/EP” or “DCEP” on behalf of the People’s Bank to conduct transactions on the asset trading platform may involve fraud and pyramid schemes. Do not believe in credulity, prevent damage to interests.

As the progress of the legal digital currency has received much attention, this is the third time the central bank has recently rumored.

On September 22, a large number of net news sources said: "The Chinese central bank issued digital currency within 80 days, and will initially be issued to the four major banks, Alibaba, Tencent and UnionPay." China Internet joint rumbling platform to the People's Bank of China Proof of verification, confirming that the digital currency launch time and participating institutions are all inaccurate information.

On November 1, it was reported that the central bank's digital currency working group recently met with the head of a blockchain section of a company in Shanghai to conduct in-depth communication on digital currency development, access and testing in the field of architectural decoration. The information on the construction of the central and the pigeons is likely to participate in the first batch of data on the central bank's digital currency. The central bank once again rumored that the central bank's digital currency working group did not meet with the head of the relevant company blockchain.

"Li Gui" looks like?

Come, Xiaobian takes everyone to see the appearance of "Li Gui"!

This type of website claims to be a digital currency electronic payment interface platform, the DCEP payment interface is about to open, and also indicates the inductive expression of going to the website to register for the DCEP red envelope.

A person familiar with the matter said that these sites have been very active in the near future, starting with a statement that will release major events or a fictitious timetable. Today, these sites are beginning to induce customers to sign up by posing as a central bank digital currency website. After entering the website page, the browser is prompted to register to receive the DCEP redemption voucher, which may involve fraud and pyramid schemes.

谣 谣 can also convey important information

Although the central bank’s statement is mainly for counterfeit goods, it still conveys a lot of information.

First, the central bank reiterated that the essence of DC/EP is legal currency.

The central bank has repeatedly reiterated that the Chinese version of the legal digital currency is still the renminbi, which is a far cry from virtual currency. China's legal digital currency functions and attributes are consistent with banknotes, except that the form is digital. The value of virtual currency is more reflected in the transaction.

The choice of technology path is also clear: adopt the central management mode.

Li Lihui, head of the blockchain working group of China Internet Finance Association and former president of Bank of China, said at the annual meeting of Caijing that DC/EP adopts a parallel technical route and adheres to the central bank's central management model.

Many industry experts also said that China's legal digital currency should remain technically neutral, independent of a single technology, such as blockchain technology; it should also adhere to a centralized management model to ensure the reliability of the monetary policy transmission mechanism, to ensure The efficiency of currency regulation.