The listing was delayed until December, and the first coal miner will be listed on November 21.

Source: Wu said blockchain

Recently, there have been many opinions about the specific listing date of Jianan. Today, news has been postponed until December 11th. Wu said that the blockchain obtained exclusive information from investment bankers, and the listing information was delayed until December. Jianan will be officially listed on November 21.

The invitation from Jia Nan also confirmed the news from the side. The invitation is called "Night of the United States and the United States," and the staff of Jianan has begun to forward in the circle of friends.

Jia Nan declined to comment on the specific date.

Earlier, it was reported that Jia Nan will be listed on November 20. There is also news today that it will be listed on December 11. The former is relatively accurate, but the time is finally set for November 21.

It is reported that Jianan will have some action before the official listing.

As the first share of China's mining machinery industry, Jia Nan has experienced hardships, and has repeatedly failed in the A-share, the New Third Board and the Hong Kong stock market. It will finally be listed successfully in the US. Previously, the Political Bureau of the Communist Party of China collectively studied the blockchain technology, and Jianan was a star enterprise in Zhejiang Province. It was supported by the local government and had a lot of favorable factors in the capital market.

However, since the release of the prospectus, Jia Nan’s performance has been reduced by a large margin, which has also led to negative voices. However, the performance of Jianan in the third quarter has greatly improved. Some miners said to Wu that the blockchain indicated that Jianan’s recent shipment speed has obviously accelerated, which seems to be affecting the performance in the third and fourth quarters.