Shanghai Electronic Port Blockchain Alliance was established

Shanghai International Trade Single Window has recently launched a number of cross-border RMB financing, medical supply chain traceability, auxiliary customs wisdom supervision, integration of third-party trade services and other application results of the integration of blockchain technology. The Shanghai Electronic Port Blockchain Alliance was also established. At present, there are a lot of problems such as repeated input and data verification in the customs clearance and bonded supervision process of bonded display business. Shanghai Customs, Hongqiao Business District Management Committee and Municipal Commercial Committee jointly promote technological innovation and build a “6+365” bonded exhibition and sales wisdom supervision and service system based on blockchain. The system utilizes the advantages of technical features such as blockchain distribution accounting, shared ledger, non-tamperable, multi-party verification, etc., which not only reduces data duplication submission, improves operational efficiency, but also improves data accuracy and business truth through upstream and downstream cross-validation. Sexuality, realizing the “non-inductive” supervision of customs bonded display, and introducing tax, banking, insurance, logistics and other related institutions to provide more reliable and convenient financial and logistics for import traders participating in “6+365” bonded exhibitions and sales. Wait for the whole one-stop service.