How long does it take to crack your private key? If the world's bitcoin miners are against you

If the world's Bitcoin miners are united, how long does it take to crack your private key?


First figure out the unit of the calculation Hash collision,

Everyone has used U disk or hard disk to store things, the unit is KB, MB, or GB, such as 8G small U disk, 1T hard disk is said to be storage space, the full name should be 8GB, 1TB. B is an abbreviation of Byte byte, which is a storage unit; if Byte is changed to Hash, it becomes a power unit, and Hash is abbreviated as H.

K=2^10=1024≈1000; KH calculation is about 1000 times per second.

M=2^10K=2^20≈10^6; MH power is estimated to be about 1 million times per second;

G=2^10M=2^30≈10^9; GH power is about 1 billion times per second.

And so on, the unit is TH, PH, EH, Z, Y, B, N, D, etc.

Your private key is 2^256 possibilities. The current total network computing power is 45.98 EH, which is 45.98*10^18 times per second (the specific number is 45.98*2^60), and the verbal expression is 4598 billion times. It feels very good, the number is too big, it seems that you can guess your private key in an instant. Don't make a conclusion first, the possibility of our private key is not to rely on the air to think about it. Come on, juvenile or amnesty, let's continue to count.

The number of 45.98 does not change to the nth power of 2, assuming 64, which is the 6th power of 2, that is, the total network computing power is increased by 40%, and then the overall network computing power is increased by 40%.

10^57 units are seconds.

Count how many seconds a year is, and then count how many years.

1 hour is 3600 seconds, 1 year = 3600*24*365

How many years?

In other words, if the miners are unlucky, guessing (colliding) your private key is exhaustive, and the last one encounters your private key, then you need 31.7 followed by 6 billion words, for so many years;

Of course, if the computing power does not increase, counting so many billions of years, it is not just your private key, but all the private keys are calculated. Because the possibility of 2^256 is exhausted, the possibility of all private keys is exhausted. As I said in the previous article, if there are 360 ​​Earths, each gram of material on each earth becomes a new one. Earth, so many water molecules above the earth are the possibility of a private key .

Although it is an almost infinite number of numbers, in the face of almost unlimited time, there are opportunities to exhaust. It is only this long period of time that is not the life of a person or the current civilization of mankind can withstand.

There is also a bug, and you may guess your private key in the first second. For example, if your private key has 256 digits, it will be 0. We will start from 0 each, and the first second will be You came across it. Don't be afraid, this will not happen. Unless you reveal the information and divulge the private key information, you don't have to bother the world to be against you. A computer, a mobile phone can make your personal assets smoulder. So protecting your private key (or mnemonic) is the first thing you should consider.

Actually, your private key crack time will not be used for 31.7 billion billion, because the other party will not be unlucky enough to crack the world's private key, the last one will touch you, and will not be lucky to the first The number will come out. The time of cracking should be calculated in units of billions of time . I believe no one will object.

Don't worry, there isn't that much power against you, even if you have 1 million bitcoins in your wallet.

In the billions of years waiting to crack your private key, these computing powers have long been able to choose a more cost-effective way .