Xinhua News Agency Financial Watch: The United States is advancing the slowdown of the digital currency, causing industry concerns

On November 14, Xinhuanet issued a document stating that more and more central banks around the world have begun to pay attention to digital currency research and development, making it a hot topic of global concern. However, US regulators seem to be uninterested in digital currencies and continue to put pressure on Facebook, which plans to introduce Libra digital currency. This has worried the US industry that the US may not be able to take the lead in the new round of digital currency competition. Analysts believe that US regulators have a strict attitude toward digital currencies, mainly because they are worried about the threat to the dollar. Bank of England Governor Mark Carney also said that if the financial structure is formed around the new digital currency and replaces the dominant position of the US dollar in the credit market, the influence of the US dollar on the global financial environment may also decline, and the digital currency may “weaken”. The hegemony of the dollar in global trade." However, the US financial community is worried that the attitude of US regulators may undermine the competitive potential of the United States. Katie Howe, a partner at Andresen-Horowitz, which focuses on venture capital, criticized that ending a technology before it was completed "created a dangerous precedent" for the US in the digital currency arena Backwardness is the "national security issue."