The official microblog of the coin security pushes the VIP account of the VIP group, or the main cause of the title.

On November 14, the Phoenix network blockchain said on its Weibo, according to Weibo Finance News, “Weibo station recently diverted to QQ group, WeChat group, public station, etc. through Weibo blog post and private letter. The illegal marketing information of the external platform is centrally investigated and processed." The official Weibo of Wei'an is currently pushing the WX number of its “VIP Day” major account manager or the main reason for the title. In addition, in addition to the currency An official micro, @bitcoin Guan chain brother @狗狗币@可爱 in Hong Kong and other accounts are also sealed; @比特币教主@bitcoin wheatjun@bitcoin winner@校长谈币 and other accounts due to the release of violations Information, depending on the severity of the plot, was banned for 3 days and 7 days.