NEO founder Da Hongfei: The Internet is a great invention, but it is not perfect

According to Cointelegraph, NEO founder Da Hongfei recently said at BlockShow Asia 2019 that the Internet is a great invention, but it still has flaws. He cited the Cambridge Analytica scandal and the Equifax hacking incident as an example of a serious isolated problem that plagued the Internet, which led to monopoly, centralization, abuse, and single point of failure. He also raised other challenges facing the Internet, including vertical friction, the lack of internationally recognized network standards and the general immaturity of technology – issues that may delay the upcoming convergence of the physical and biological worlds, which he called “Industrial Revolution 4.0”. . The increase in competition will help. He therefore made a suggestion: "These standards should be transparent and decentralized. Data ownership should be returned to the user." He also said: "In the future, I believe that today's applications will be eliminated. New blockchain application It will change from the edge to the alternative and eventually become mainstream."