Weizhong Zhang Zhangxiang: Blockchain mainly solves information, trust and credit problems, excluding frying coins

According to the interface news, Zhang Kaixiang, chief architect of Weizhong Bank Blockchain, said in an interview that the blockchain can solve three stages of problems: information, trust, and credit, while the speculative currency is not in the business. In addition, he also said: "I don't think the existing virtual token trading model is a good privacy model, it just looks anonymous, and anonymity is just a dimension of privacy. For example, all the transactions in Ethereum, running water They are all in the chain, and are you willing to take out your bank transaction flow to others? Maybe some people speculate on it, they think it doesn't matter. But if you do a compliant business, you want sustainable business value. There are data on the chain that really relate to your life. You still have to fully guarantee your privacy and security. In fact, the public does not care much about whether you use the blockchain. He only cares about this system, does this business give me? Bring benefits, if all kinds of applications related to the vertical field of the national economy and the people's livelihood, through the App, H5 webpage, or WeChat applet, reach the public, let everyone use it, can bring joy, convenience, and benefits to everyone, then In fact, it serves the public. We call this form a public alliance chain."