Yunnan released blockchain Pu'er tea traceability platform

According to China Net News, on November 13th, "Tea is the hometown of the heart, the world's tea source and the integration of tea tourism development and the 20-year time ceremony of the 戎 戎 创 创" (hereinafter referred to as "the censure") in Linyi, Yunnan Province City Shuangjiang County was held. On the “Shengdian”, the Yunnan Province blockchain Pu'er tea traceability platform was officially released. Lu Xiutian, deputy director of the Market Order Department of the Yunnan Provincial Department of Commerce, said that the Yunnan Provincial Department of Commerce is taking the lead, and the Provincial Digital Economy Bureau, the Market Supervision Bureau, the Agricultural and Rural Affairs Department, the Science and Technology Department and other relevant departments have established a coordination mechanism for important product traceability systems in Yunnan Province. It has realized the connection with the national important product traceability system data. He called on everyone to actively participate in the Pu'er tea traceability platform, to achieve the retrospective goal of “the source can be traced, the traceability can be traced, the quality can be checked, the responsibility can be investigated”, and the brand image of Pu'er tea can be reshaped to let the company taste the sweetness. To make consumers more assured of shopping.