Yuanjie DNA officially sponsors the Macau Grand Prix F3 Racing Competition

On November 14th, the domestic public chain Yuanjie DNA entered the 66th Macau Grand Prix F3 Racing Competition and fought alongside the MP Motorsport team. It is understood that the Grand Prix sports sports event began in 1954, the Macau station is the first city in Asia to host the Grand Prix racing competition. This competition is the beginning of the first round of DNA in the Yuanjie, expressing the pursuit of extreme speed. MP Motorsport will complete the cross-border integration with DNA and sprint to the championship.

At that time, the well-known community ant node alliance will bring together representatives from geek capital, Juhui Capital, Sunshine Capital, Zhongyuan Node Alliance, Hebei Blockchain Club and other Yuanjie DNA community to Macau to watch the match and help MP Motorsport.

Yuanjie DNA official website: www.mvsdna.com
RightBTC website: www.rightbtc.pro