Beijing Chaoyang Court launched online platform for contradictory disputes based on blockchain technology

According to the Beijing Youth Daily, on November 13, the Beijing Chaoyang Court judicially confirmed the mediation of a property division case and issued a ruling. The 93-year-old party, Zhang Aunt, did not visit the court. Instead, she participated in the people's mediation through remote video at home and reached an agreement with the four sons on the property division. Helping Zhang Aunt to participate in mediation without leaving home is "no litigation." According to the reporter's understanding, "No Litigation Chaoyang" is the first online platform for the source of conflicts and disputes in Beijing using blockchain technology. It was officially launched yesterday. Ren Xiaoyan, deputy director of the Chaoyang Court Office, said that the biggest technical highlight of “No Litigation in Chaoyang” is the application of blockchain technology to synchronize the application of mediation, evidence materials, mediation files, and judicial confirmation rulings to ensure that disputes can be resolved. The value transmission, the establishment of the trust system, and the link of information ties have realized the source of contradictions and disputes in an integrated and one-stop mode.