HelloPool announces participation in the election of the original chain Bystack node

Recently, HelloPool announced its participation in the Bystack node campaign. Bystack is a blockchain-based BaaS platform based on the original chain, enabling rapid creation, management and maintenance of enterprise-level blockchain networks and commercial blockchain applications.

HelloPool has in-depth research and practice on DPoS consensus algorithm, and has accumulated rich operation and maintenance experience and extensive community influence. It is a blockchain technology enterprise cultivated by Tsinghua Yangtze River Delta Research Institute. The team participated in the most representative EOS main network startup in the DPoS project and became a super node. At the same time, it is also the super node of the V SYSTEMS (VSYS) project initiated by Sunny King, the father of PoS. In addition, HelloPool also laid out more than ten public chains such as FIBOS, IOST, YOYOW, Cocos-BCX, etc., which is dedicated to providing professional node services for DPoSPoS public chain projects and users.

Next, HelloPool will fully promote the development of the Bystack ecosystem. It will use rich node operation and maintenance experience and extensive community influence to continuously empower the original chain.