The founder of Coinbase is on the list of Time Magazine's "Top 100 Generations of 2019"

Time Magazine recently released "Time 100 Next Generations of 2019", in which Brian Armstrong, founder of Coinbase, a cryptocurrency trading platform, is on the list. The reasons cited by Time magazine are as follows: A few years ago, Brian Armstrong was an engineer at Airbnb. He witnessed the company’s sudden closure of home rentals in Cuba in order to comply with US government policies. Cuban homeowners also lost The link to the global economy. He wondered what would happen if there was a way for people to trade goods and services with less government intervention. Eight years later, he became the founder and CEO of the Coinbase trading platform, which now allows 30 million users to purchase and trade cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum. While cryptocurrencies are still unclear in the future, Armstrong said that an economy that uses cryptocurrency more than the current system offers more opportunities. This is one of the reasons he launched the website last year, which aims to distribute digital currency to the poor.