Xiong'an New District released a bidding project, using the blockchain fund management platform for the whole process of fund management

According to the Hebei Daily News, on November 13, Xiong'an New District Public Resource Trading Service Platform released the "Tendering Announcement for the General Contracting of the Marketized Greening Project of the 2019 Afforestation Project (Autumn) in Xiong'an New District". The announcement shows that the 2019 afforestation project in Xiong'an New District (autumn) will build about 14,000 mu of ecological forest. The project will apply the Xiong'an Forest Big Data System in accordance with the relevant requirements of the Xiong'an New District on smart city construction, and integrate the building information model (BIM) data generated in the whole process into the new district city information model (CIM) management platform. The blockchain fund management platform carries out the whole process of fund management to implement the relevant regulations of the Xiong'an New Area on builders' wage security, site dust control, safe and civilized construction, industrial injury insurance, and Xiong'an New District mobile source pollutant low emission control zone. The project will be completed by April 30, 2020.