Chairman of the UK Blockchain Industry Alliance: China and the UK have great potential for future cooperation and should contribute to building the infrastructure of the blockchain

According to the news, recently, Barry James, chairman of the UK Blockchain Industry Alliance, said in an interview that all new technologies will undergo a maturity curve. When a new technology emerges, people will always be new because of various irrational propaganda. Technology has generated high expectations. In fact, the new technology is not fully mature, and it is easy to fall into the development low after encountering problems. He said: "I believe that blockchain technology has experienced a trough after the bubble burst, and as various applications mature, it will usher in more stable development. The breakthrough day is coming." During the development, Barry James said: "The future cooperation between China and the UK is huge. We should work together to achieve complementary advantages and contribute to building the infrastructure of the blockchain, which will benefit everyone."