Experts: Local governments need to introduce support policies to retain high-quality blockchain projects

According to the Sichuan Daily reported today, in response to the loss of the Sichuan blockchain project, Cao Yu, director of the Sichuan Province blockchain storage and transaction engineering laboratory, and Xiao Bo, secretary general of the blockchain of the Chengdu Big Data Association, and many other experts In an interview with Sichuan Daily, it was suggested that to maintain local high-quality blockchain projects, we should: introduce support policies, technical standards, and develop blockchain management systems and regulatory documents. Pilot demonstration of blockchain application can be taken first from five areas where application needs are urgent: First, government management, promoting government data sharing development, improving government transparency, enhancing government credibility, improving administrative efficiency and service level; second, intelligent manufacturing To solve the problem of circulation efficiency and mutual trust of all kinds of intelligent manufacturing goods in the industrial chain; third, supply chain finance, better credit rating system, reduce human error, improve the risk control process; fourth, medical health, maintain various medical institutions At the same time of independence, the reliable sharing of key information is realized; the fifth is public notarization, which effectively solves the problems of forgery, tampering and long-term preservation of documents.