Babbitt's evening highlights

1. Forbes analyst Joseph Young: Bitcoin's sharp rise today seems to be only technical. 2. Baxter SheKnows丨Top Network founder Wei Songxiang: Blockchain financing should be carried out entirely in equity financing, and there should be no difference from traditional project financing. 3.Fetch.AI CTO: Many features of IEO make participants safer and further increase trust. 4. Equity financing expert Cheng Xiaoming: There is still a gap between IEO and the normative financial behavior, more like a marketing behavior. 5.Bithumb: User assets are secure and will suspend the user's cryptocurrency remittance service to assist with the investigation. 6. Data shows that the global market capitalization of cryptocurrencies exceeded US$160 billion, a record high for the year. 7. Ripple CTO: The IBM Blockchain Payment Network issued a stable currency that did not address the centralization issue. 8. Blockchain mortgage platform Acre received £5 million in seed funding from Aviva and Sesame Bankhall.