Free trial, play the award of Don Quixote Journey

Come and try "Don Quixote's Journey" and we will give you a free demo.
Don Quixote Tour is an interesting online game based on blockchain technology. The game runs on EdenChain and was developed in collaboration with EdenChain and NodeNum.
1. The game results are completely transparent and open.
2. When players use TEDN to participate in the game, there is no need to pay the Gas fee and transaction fee; after winning the Grand Prize, the cash is only required to pay a small fee.
3. Players can directly access MoA and Pegasus through the dApp to obtain encrypted wallets and transaction services.
11/11 major bleeding? Participate in the game, that is, have the opportunity to win the grand prize. Click on the link below to participate in the game
Dorothy users can also log in to the game with one click