Source: Jia Nan or due to the poor performance of the road show, the amount of funds raised

According to financial reports on the financial network chain, some investment bankers said that Jia Nan Zhizhi had completed the roadshow yesterday and is expected to officially list on the US Nasdaq on November 20. He said: "Road is the announcement of the upcoming company to investors, because not everyone likes to read the prospectus. The road show means that Jia Nan has obtained the SEC approval." The amount of funds raised is lower than market expectations. The reason, according to people close to Jianan Zhizhi, said that only 100 million US dollars have been raised at present. The main reason may be that yesterday's roadshow may not be as good as their expectations, and the response is not very good. Some insiders also said that there may be another reason: the IPOs are generally diluted by the original shareholder shares, and Jianan may feel that there is not much need to raise funds so far, and so many shares are sold. According to Tiger Securities' purchase information, Jianan Zhizhi is expected to be listed on December 21st. It is expected that the new stock subscription date will be from November 14th to November 19th, the minimum subscription amount will be 100 shares, and the minimum subscription finance will be US$1,320.