Vice President of Henan Province Blockchain Technology Research Association: Henan should seize the opportunity to increase investment and support for blockchain

On the afternoon of November 14, the “Blockchain Technology Innovation and Industrial Development” branch was held in Zhengzhou. Zhao Lanpu, vice president of the Henan Province Blockchain Technology Research Association, said in an interview that the number of registered blockchain enterprises in Henan Province is now 339, the registration is mainly located in the provincial capital Zhengzhou. Among them, there are 223 registered in Zhengzhou City, accounting for 65.8%; 116 registered outside Zhengzhou, accounting for 34.2%. The overall size of the industry is small, and the main categories include hardware (mining machine), infrastructure, blockchain bottom platform, general technology, vertical applications, and information promotion services. There is room for improvement in the construction of industry infrastructure and overall structure channel system. From the national point of view, the research and application of blockchain in Henan Province started late, and it is still in its infancy. The preferential policy for blockchain has not yet been introduced. There are relatively few enterprises engaged in the research and application of blockchain technology. Not yet formed. He said that we must firmly grasp the important opportunity of the development of blockchain technology to become a new national windport, grasp the layout, plan as soon as possible, give full play to Henan's location and resource advantages, and increase investment in blockchain technology research and application. And support, strengthen the introduction and cultivation of talents, accelerate the cultivation of new industries in blockchain, promote the development of the industry with technological innovation, strive to comprehensively upgrade traditional industries through blockchain technology, and take the lead in the country in terms of independent innovation and application of blockchain.