A game that can be customized? Come play Let's Dice Royal

Is that true? A game that allows you to adjust your chances of winning? Yes, play "Let's Dice Royal". Once you enter the game, you will see a gauge in the middle of the dice table, you can slide it to adjust your winning percentage. Sounds too good to be true. Let 's Dice Royal is a dApp dice game developed by NodeNum in collaboration with EdenChain.
1. The game results are transparent and you can view them at any time.
2. When using TEDN, you don't have to pay any gas, and you don't have to pay any transaction fees throughout the game. When you withdraw your funds, you only have to pay a small fee.
3. This game is interoperable with MoA and Pegasus. Direct access to the top-level password wallet features and password exchange services provided by MoA and Pegasus from dApp.
Try Let's Dice Royal and see for yourself this amazing winning rate meter. Want to try it? We also offer a free demo version. Click here to check out Let's Dice Royal: http://uee.me/cA5gF
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