Bitcoin senior trader Peter Brandt: Technically, ETH will rise to $309

Bitcoin senior trader Peter Brandt predicts that ETH will rise to $309. Brandt said: "According to the technology website, the current ETH technology has formed a rising triangle, which is a bull market pattern, usually formed as a continuation mode during the upward trend. In some cases, the up triangle forms a reversal mode at the end of the downward trend. But they are usually in continuation mode. But no matter where they are formed, the rising triangle is a bullish pattern, indicating that funds are accumulating.” Brandt further added: “The current encryption market looks good, the main trend is rising. But when ETH When it falls and closes below $151, we need to wait and see. If there is no such decline, then the technical level shows that ETH will rise to more than $300." Odaily Planet Daily Note: Brand was previously at 2018 In August, a famous prediction was made on the price of ETH. At that time, he correctly predicted that ETH would fall to $124, but almost no one accepted it. After about four months, ETH once fell to $80.