Henan police repatriated from Cuba to escort the "mine mining machine" fraudulent economic suspects, involving more than 1.3 billion yuan

According to Tencent.com, the Henan police first repatriated from Cuba and escorted three foreign economic criminal suspects to return to China. The funds involved exceeded RMB 1.3 billion. In March of this year, Zhengzhou police filed a case investigation on “Henan Chain Xin Technology Co., Ltd. suspected fund-raising fraud case”. After investigation, from October 2018 to February 2019, the suspects Huo Mou and others set up and actually controlled Henan Chain Xin Technology Co., Ltd., AT Exchange and other companies to use their own purchased hard drives, motherboards, chassis. Then, by labeling and assembling, the so-called "mining machine" is produced, claiming to generate virtual currency. Gao and others lied that customers can invest in “mine mining machines” and obtain high returns by digging, redeeming, and trading. However, when the customer purchased its "mine machine" at a high price, the company was hacked on the trading platform, freezing the digital currency exchanged by the customer, and preventing the customer from withdrawing money through the background to achieve the purpose of illegally occupying the client's funds. The case involved funds amounted to 1.36 billion yuan, and the number of victims reached more than 7,000.