The Beijing News: To engage in blockchain, it is necessary to rely on hard work and less thoughts.

On November 15th, the Beijing News published the article "The blockchain should be based on hard work and less thoughts." The article stated that to achieve the strategic goal of national blockchain development, it is necessary for Chinese enterprises to implement field block technology research and development and investment. Dry, really dry. Organize specialized research forces, determine research directions, break through the research and development focus of application scenarios, increase R&D investment, accelerate research and research on core technologies, apply blockchains to specific scenarios, and make blockchain technology research results as soon as possible. Become a technical product and business model that the people can see, understand, and apply. Encourage enterprises (organizations) to engage in blockchain technology research and development and industrial innovation, and must strengthen the supervision of blockchain participation enterprises (organizations), and integrate blockchain R&D and industrial development into effective supervision, except for the introduction of preferential policies. In addition, it is necessary to formulate industry access conditions and development standards for the development and application of blockchains, eliminate the unevenness in the blockchain, and purify the ecological environment of the blockchain industry. In particular, we must increase the crackdown on the pseudo-blockchain and all fraudulent behaviors, ensure that the blockchain industry always runs along a healthy track, and promote the blockchain technology to be applied to the lives of ordinary people as soon as possible to provide services and support for the development of the real economy. Promote deep integration of technological innovation, data information and the real economy, and social development.