Head of the Tencent Cloud Blockchain: Blockchain will definitely play the role of infrastructure in the future

Shao Bing, head of the Tencent cloud blockchain, said that the blockchain will play the role of infrastructure in the future and will be as important as cloud computing and big data. Now, cloud computing has become the foundation of the digital economy, but there is still a problem for enterprises on the cloud, that is, how to coordinate between enterprises, and this will be the problem that blockchain technology can solve. The alliance chain emphasizes more of the ability to govern. There can be some creditors in the alliance chain, and there are also some data nodes, but the public chain only has the right to view data, whether it is a coalition chain or a public chain, a blockchain. To carry a very important mission, namely the value of the Internet. It only combines the existing Internet of Things, payment, and let the value truly flow, is a good blockchain.