Chongqing Daily: The first comprehensive application of Alipay blockchain technology

According to the Chongqing Daily News, on November 14, the Chongqing Daily reporter learned that this year's "Double 11", e-commerce platform has launched a number of black technology, so that this national shopping spree has a greater "foundy." For the first time, Alipay blockchain technology has been fully applied to Tmall “Double 11”. From the test of water last year, this year it has been fully applied to the “Double 11” business scenes such as traceability, deposit certificate, digital identity authentication and supply chain finance. It is reported that this year's "Double 11", more than 400 million cross-border goods have added blockchain "ID card". The blockchain deposit certificate technology was first used to protect the “seller show”. The copyright information of 5 million product images was registered in the chain for 1 second, effectively preventing theft and infringement of other platform merchants. In addition, blockchain technology in the supply chain finance solutions, help 30,000 Tmall "Double 11" small micro-business to obtain supply chain loans. If a merchant wants to make a business overseas, it is very simple to open a store. According to reports, through the blockchain-certified global digital identity system, tens of thousands of international sellers can open stores online and gain recognition from other e-commerce platforms, easily reaching the global market.