Everbright Bank's “Sunshine Blockchain” has established in-depth cooperation with Xiong’an Group and Ant Financial Service.

According to the Financial Times, on November 14, the 241th Banking Insurance Industry Routine Press Conference was held in Beijing. Wu Jian, Vice President of China Everbright Bank, said that Everbright Bank’s “Sunshine Blockchain” is an innovative digital financial instrument. Established in-depth cooperation with key partners such as Xiong'an Group and Ant Financial in the field of capital flow and supply chain finance. In the future, in the business model, Everbright Bank's digital finance business will focus on implementing the strategy of “integration, two wings, three powers and four technologies”. “Four technologies”, namely 5G, blockchain, Internet of Things and artificial intelligence, continuously optimize customer service models, drive product service innovation, and promote healthy and rapid development of various businesses.