From the media: Inner Mongolia’s joint inspection of mining companies to clean up and rectify is not an emergency, the purpose is not to clear the mine

Previously, on November 11, the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region Industrial and Information Technology Department issued a notice on the joint inspection of the virtual currency "mining" enterprises. The inspection time is from November 11th to November 25th, 2019. Since the media "Wu said blockchain" issued a document, the inspection is the second step of the follow-up work to clean up and reorganize the mining enterprises on August 30. It is not an unexpected event, and it is delayed by 11 days from the original time. It is impossible to confirm whether it is confirmed. It is related to the elimination of mining from the industry catalog elimination industry of the National Development and Reform Commission. In addition, the inspection will focus on the investigation of “electricity concessions” and “tax evasion” rather than clearing the mine. According to another inspection material, the inspection members include employees of the Internet Security Company, including 360, in addition to the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology.