Director of Informationization Promotion Department of Jiangxi Provincial Department of Industry and Information Technology: The development of blockchain in Jiangxi Province is still in its infancy

According to the Jiangxi Daily News, on November 11, Wang Yong, director of the Information Technology Promotion Department of the Jiangxi Provincial Department of Industry and Information Technology, said in an interview that Jiangxi Unicom actively explored the application of identification and identification based on blockchain technology. Data sharing experiments in areas such as information; Zheshang Bank launched a blockchain-based loan business; Pioneer Software established a blockchain college to form a blockchain technology R&D and application center; Jinge Technology began to build an area based on electronic signature application The blockchain system generates signatures and "chains" the signature logs and signature files. “At present, there are not many application scenarios and the number of blockchains in our province, and the development of blockchain is still in its infancy.” Wang Yong told reporters that the provincial party committee and the provincial government attach great importance to the development of blockchain, and blockchain technology and industry. It has a certain foundation, which laid a good foundation for the innovation and development of the blockchain in our province.