Zhuzhou “Technology Innovation Lecture Hall” introduces blockchain technology and application

On November 14th, Zhuzhou “Technology Innovation Lecture Hall” – blockchain special report was held at Hunan University of Technology. Gong Daofu, deputy director of the Zhuzhou Municipal Science and Technology Bureau, said that Zhuzhou has been successfully approved by the National Independent Innovation Demonstration Zone and the National Innovative City Pilot. Zhuzhou's innovation capability has been significantly enhanced and the high-tech industry has developed rapidly. The number of high-tech enterprises exceeded 500 at the end of the year, and the growth rate of value-added of high-tech industries ranked first in the province. It is hoped that through this report, all levels and departments will be guided to pay attention to the development of blockchain, and the blockchain will be regarded as an important breakthrough for independent innovation of core technologies, and efforts will be made to overcome a number of key core technologies and promote Zhuzhou's economic and social development.