In addition to Ping An’s account, what other companies that are “blockchain” will be listed?

Author: Yuxin Chen

Source: Zinc Link (ID: xinlianjie-)

There are very few listed companies in the blockchain, and the new policy dividends, the industry or spring.

According to the Eastern Fortune Choice data, there are 194 companies in the blockchain concept sector, but the blockchain is not its main business. The so-called blockchain listed companies, the companies that actually have application applications only account for a very small number, most of them. The company is still in the early stages of exploration.

The listing plan of China Ping An’s financial account book has finally surfaced, which may be the beginning of the listing of the blockchain industry.

First, Ping An’s account is going to go public in the US

On November 13, 2019, the company announced that it has submitted a prospectus to the US Securities and Exchange Commission, which will be in the form of American Depositary Shares (ADS). Initial public offering of common stock. In the NYSE / NASDAQ global market, the financial transaction code of the financial account will be "OCFT".

In September of this year, at the Shenzhen Airport, China Ping An appeared on the huge billboard with the iconic orange color. The slogan was to create a commercial blockchain platform.

Established in December 2015, Financial Accounts is a technology company that provides technical services under the Ping An Group. It undertakes the heavy responsibility of technology exploration such as Ping An Group's blockchain.

Ping An established its own blockchain team in March 2016, and joined the blockchain R3 alliance in May of the same year, becoming the first Chinese member company.

So, what is the performance of Ping An Financial Credit Link in the blockchain field?

In February 2018, Financial Accounts launched a blockchain solution, the credit chain BaaS platform.

In terms of technical performance, according to the “Pinglan Blockchain White Paper”, the credit chain team innovated and developed the FiMAX S3C fully encrypted blockchain framework and 3D zero-knowledge proof, which has the advantages of low latency, high TPS and complete system.

In terms of landing applications, it has reached cooperation with the Hong Kong Monetary Authority and Tianjin Port. In addition, it has implemented a number of application scenarios including IFAB trade financing network and Fujin ALL-Link system, covering five major sectors: finance, medical, automobile, real estate and smart city, with over 40,000 deployment nodes.

According to the information in the prospectus, more than 40% of the revenue from the financial account is from the Ping An Group. Depending on the size of the safe and diversified business scope, the financial account will receive more blockchain business applications. The advantages are also not available to many independent blockchain companies.

Second, what other blockchain companies have the opportunity to go public?

In addition to Ping An Financial's account book that has submitted the prospectus, what other companies that use blockchain technology as their original business or IPO?

At the beginning of this year, Weizhong Bank reported that it will be listed in the next 1-2 years. Its market valuation is 120 billion yuan, and the estimated valuation is about 400 billion yuan.

In 2019, the global blockchain enterprise invention patent data showed that the number of technical invention patent applications of Weizhong Bank ranked fifth in the world. Weizhong also joined the Golden Chain Alliance to create FISCO BCOS, the underlying open source platform of the financial-grade blockchain, on which multiple application scenarios such as copyright, justice, finance, government affairs, and the Internet of Things were built.

It is understood that more than 50% of the employees of Weizhong Bank are scientific and technical personnel, and the blockchain team size is more than 100.

At present, mainstream technology companies are betting ABCD (artificial intelligence, blockchain, cloud computing, big data), but for the micro-public, the cloud computing market has been difficult to catch up, and big data lacks specific commercial landing Hand, artificial intelligence and blockchain technology and business model breakthroughs will become their strategic focus.

Some insiders revealed that Weizhong is actively preparing and complying with the listing, but the specific date has not yet been determined.

According to people close to Weizhong IPO, in April and May this year, Weizhong actively screened financial and public relations companies for the listing, but there was no more movement in the follow-up.

In addition, Hangzhou's interesting chain technology, as the first quasi-unicorn in the blockchain industry, has carried out three rounds of financing.

According to Sky's inspection, in September 2016, Fun Chain Technology won a total of RMB 17.5 million in financing from Zhejiang Junbao, Zhejiang University, and Xinyada. This is the Pre-A round of financing. In December 2017, the A round of financing was completed; in June 2018, the B round of financing of 1.5 billion yuan was completed, setting a record for the largest single financing in the blockchain field, with a post-investment valuation of nearly 3 billion yuan.

According to informed sources, the interesting chain is currently financing, and the valuation after financing will reach 6 billion yuan, which will become a unicorn. In this regard, the zinc link verified the interesting chain and did not receive a positive response.

There is also the opportunity to tell a good story in the capital market, as well as Zhongan Technology.

Zhongan Technology is a technology subsidiary of Zhongan Online, an Internet insurance company. Zhongan Online was founded in 2013 by Ma Yun, Ma Huateng and Ma Mingzhe, and landed in Hong Kong stocks in 2017.

According to the data of Tianyan, in July 2019, Zhongan Online and Baishida jointly increased the capital of Zhongdian Technology by 1.961 billion yuan. Zhongan Technology, which is backed by big trees, may also seek the possibility of listing in the near future.

At the same time, blockchain companies are seeking to go public, and the Thunderbolt, which is known as the "first block of the blockchain," has already enjoyed the bonus.

The 14-year-old Nasdaq-based Internet company concept stock rose sharply on October 26 this year, rising more than 107% to $4.82, the biggest one-day gain since listing. Since then, the stock price has continued to rise. As of 4 pm today, the price is US$5.81.

However, Thunder’s earnings report is worrying, and even more embarrassing than its stock price.

Thunder today released the company's unaudited financial report for the third quarter ended September 30, 2019. The financial report showed that Thunder's total revenue in the third quarter was US$43.8 million, down 8.3% year-on-year; based on US GAAP, the net loss was US$24.6 million, compared with a net loss of US$2 million in the same period last year.

To some extent, although the capital market is optimistic, the current blockchain business model has not been recognized by the mainstream application market.

It has been 11 years since Bitcoin was born. However, there are still very few listed companies with blockchain as their primary business. On the one hand, digital currency-based business revenues are unstable, compliance is uncertain, and ICO is somewhat Conflicting with existing capital markets, the business based on blockchain technology has not yet been recognized by the market.

The recent central statement has brought a wave of policy dividends, the road to compliance has become clearer, and the market has done an excellent education promotion. For the foreseeable future, we will see more and more listed companies with blockchain as their original business.