Deciphering the beginning and end of Inner Mongolia’s “burst inspection virtual currency mine”, 11 days later than the original time

Source: Wu said blockchain

On November 13, some media reported that the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region Joint Inspection Team went to some of the allies to conduct joint inspections on the clean-up and rectification of virtual currency “mining” enterprises. The inspection time is from November 11th to November 25th, 2019.

The inspection took place after the Politburo collective learning blockchain and the National Development and Reform Commission removed the virtual currency mining from the elimination catalogue. People worried about the policy trend, which caused widespread concern and discussion.

Wu said that the blockchain was informed that the inspection was the second step of the follow-up work to clean up and reorganize the mining enterprises on August 30. It was not an unexpected event and was delayed by 11 days from the original time. The inspection will focus on checking the “electricity fee”. Concessions and "tax evasion and tax evasion", rather than clearing the mine.

The second step in the plan

Wu said that the blockchain was exclusively informed that the inspection was a follow-up to the "Notice on Inspection and Clearing and Renovating Virtual Currency "Drilling" Enterprises issued on August 30, and it was not an unexpected event.

On August 30, the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region's Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, the National Development and Reform Commission, the Public Security Department, the Financial Supervisory Bureau, and the Big Data Development Bureau jointly issued a document, emphasizing the implementation of the National Financial Work Conference and the National Internet Financial Risk Special Rehabilitation Working Group Symposium and the leaders of the autonomous region. ", requires the virtual currency "mining" enterprises in the region to clean up and rectify the orderly exit related work.

On January 2, 2018, the Leading Group for the Internet Financial Risk Special Rehabilitation Office issued a document requesting all localities to guide enterprises within their jurisdiction to withdraw from the “mining” business in an orderly manner and regularly report the progress of the work.

Wu said that the exclusive notice obtained by the blockchain shows that the inspection is divided into two stages. The recent extensive reports in the media are the second stage. The second stage has started 11 days later than the original date. It is impossible to confirm whether it is related to the NDRC. Industry catalog elimination industry eliminates mining related:

1: From the self-examination stage, from September 3 to September 25, the various cities and towns formed a special report to feedback the Autonomous Region's Office of Letters and Letters;

2: Supervise the rectification phase, from October 10 to October 30. According to the report, the relevant departments of the autonomous region form a joint inspection team to conduct inspections and form a report.

The inspection items include: business and industrial and tax procedures, whether there is over-range operation; tax payment and economic contribution rate from January to June; enjoy preferential electricity price; business scope; enterprise construction approval and environmental protection procedures; whether to implement national network security measures Model and function of the equipment room; whether the security plan of the equipment room is reasonable or not; fire safety; whether the data center meets the specifications; energy efficiency.

In addition to detailed inspection items, the notice also puts forward several requirements: the virtual currency mining enterprises are included in the restricted industry catalogue; the power departments at all levels are not allowed to make electricity price concessions and subsidies for such enterprises; the approved operator data The center may not operate virtual currency mining or provide convenience, otherwise the preferential electricity price will be cancelled immediately.

Wu said that another inspection material obtained exclusively by the blockchain showed that the members of the inspection team, mainly from the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, also included employees of Internet Security Company such as 360.

Should understand the central thinking  

After the end of the flood season, miners generally transferred densely to the northern thermal power. When the miners removed the cheers from the list of eliminations for the NDRC, the inspections in Inner Mongolia gave the miners a heavy blow. In fact, due to the tightening of Inner Mongolia policies in recent years, more mines have been transferred to Xinjiang and other places.

However, since Wu said the blockchain, there is no need to be too nervous about this check. First, the inspection is only the second step of the August notice, and it is delayed for 11 days for unknown reasons. Second, the inspection content is mainly based on “restrictions” rather than clearing, that is, no preferential electricity price is provided. Check tax firefighting, etc.

Previously, the notice included the “virtual currency” mining industry as a “restricted-level industry catalogue”, which was also inconsistent with national policies. The Chinese government network released the "Industrial Structure Adjustment Guidance Catalogue (2019)" and did not include it in the restriction or elimination industry. However, the notice was posted before the catalog.

Premier Li Keqiang once said that people should not let people say that the government’s hands can’t keep up. As long as there is something new, you have to touch it. Generally speaking, when we are still alive the market and mobilizing social creativity, especially when the government’s current macro-policy tools are more difficult to use, it should rely on the market.

To be honest, from the perspective of economic and people's livelihood, the mining industry can be described as profitable without any harm:

1: According to the research report issued by the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences on China's Energy Prospects 2018-2050, China's energy demand has reached a peak, and further excess power is a foregone conclusion. In the case of overall power surplus and a large amount of waste electricity and electricity abandonment, how can the mining industry waste energy?

2: Excess energy has led to the energy crisis and the poverty crisis. The construction process of the big city group has caused the Matthew effect, and it is more difficult to attract investment in the remote areas of the northwest and northeast. If we limit the mining industry, it will undoubtedly further crack down on the local economy and employment. (Why don’t you eat meat, please ask the central bank leaders for the place)

3: Overcapacity is a global problem. Due to China's restrictive attitude towards the mining industry, China's mining industry has already shifted to Central Asia, Central Europe, the United States and Canada, which is undoubtedly worsening the Chinese economy, which is not economically prosperous. Is it really necessary for miners and miners to stop running?

Therefore, local governments should profoundly understand the spirit of the "Industrial Structure Adjustment Guidance Catalogue (2019)", and in the principle of protecting the economy and people's livelihood, do not impose too many restrictions on emerging industries, especially for large-scale mines where tax firefighting is very formal. The government should provide equal preferential policies in terms of electricity prices and investment promotion, and encourage enterprises to support the local economy and people's livelihood.

For mine owners, the influence of the Politburo collective learning and the NDRC catalogue adjustment should not be overestimated. If the virtual currency is controlled by one line and three meetings, the attitude is conservative; the blockchain is supported by the development of the letter, and the attitude is positive; the mining is sandwiched between the two, and even more biased towards virtual currency, the industry head enterprises should strengthen The government lobbyed to guide the industry towards decriminalization, standardization, and legalization.