Vice President and Deputy Secretary-General of Shenzhen China-Africa Economic Promotion Association: Blockchain needs more publicity, education and promotion

According to Jiangmen News Network, Luo Peng, vice president and deputy secretary-general of Shenzhen China-Africa Economic Promotion Association, said in an interview that the blockchain has broad application prospects, such as digital identity, medical health, commodity anti-counterfeiting and traceability, retail and tourism. , copyright maintenance, etc. For example, our birth certificate, real estate certificate, marriage certificate, etc., all need an authority to demonstrate that everyone can recognize. Once cross-border, contracts and certificates may be invalidated. The untamed nature of blockchain technology has fundamentally changed this situation. Our birth certificates, real estate licenses, and marriage certificates can be notarized in the blockchain and become something that the world trusts. He also pointed out that "in the past few years, many people have mistakenly equated the concept of blockchain and bitcoin, and even demonized it 'deification'. The blockchain itself is more complicated and difficult to understand. It needs more publicity, education, and promotion. It clarifies good concepts, avoids creating industry bubbles, and makes the blockchain truly benefit the social and economic development."