The miner's parkour game "DREP Mining" Alpha version opens beta


Download link:



1, please open in the browser, download and install, currently only supports Android mobile phone;

2, open the DREP Android client, click the game corresponding banner;

3, no need to register, no need to recharge , you can start the game mining.


National Day holiday, joy to start, DREP's first miner parkour game – "DREP Mining" officially launched!

Da Vinci, an astronaut from DREP, had insufficient energy in an interplanetary voyage and had to land in the rainforest in advance. For the next trip to refuel, astronaut Da Vinci began his mining journey…

There are many surprises on the road to mine, and the harvest is full. Gold coin or shovel? Different choices for different endings!



Million RP waiting for you to take

DREP Planet contains millions of RP, rewarding players to help Da Vinci mine. The points earned by the player in the game can be converted into RP. In subsequent versions, players with high RP rankings can get extra rewards. RP can not only exchange mainstream coins, but also more functions to explore!

Together with the brave and passionate Da Vinci, start a new adventure and meet the thrilling Star Trek!

"DREP Mining" is currently available on the DREP mobile client, come and download it!

Game description:

DREP Mining is a blockchain miner parkour game developed by the DREP team based on the DREP SDK. As a demonstration case applied to the DREP SDK, DREP Mining combines multi-currency payment SDK, currency mining, and lock-in interest.

Users get points through the game, points can be used to redeem RP, RP is not only the basis for the player's record ranking, but more importantly, the RP can be exchanged for mainstream coins later, and more hidden features. This means that in the world of DREP Mining, users not only enjoy the passion of the game, but also the points earned in the game can be converted into mainstream coins. The real game and the money are not wrong!

Game highlights:

As a blockchain miner parkour game, DREP Mining has more features and functions.

1. Perfect incentive model, players do not need to pay for gold, do not need to pre-charge, play games to gain.

2. Increase the DREP TOKEN consumption scenario, and reduce the flow through the short-cycle lock mode to optimize the TOKEN value model.

3. Increase the functional interface within the client to attract more traffic cooperation.

4, built-in blockchain multi-currency payment SDK, can directly interface with centralized games, centralized applications, reduce the threshold of traditional enterprise docking blockchain, and enrich the in-app payment method.

5, play method upgrade, more rewards waiting to be unlocked.

DREP Mining is more than just a DREP SDK-based parkour game. It has the ability to open the entire DREP TOKEN consumption scene, enrich the client interface and block the application of blockchain games.

Game Guide:

1, game operation

a) Game configuration requirements: Android machine

b) Home function:

i. Start the game: the player clicks to start the game and starts a game;

Ii. Redemption entry: Players can enter the redemption portal for redemption operations, including locks to earn points, redeem points for RP, and redeem points for game times;

Iii. Relevant values: Players can see their relevant values ​​on the homepage, including the number of remaining challenges, the highest score, and RP.


c) Game operation

i. Click on the left side of the screen and the character moves to the left;


Ii. Click on the right side of the screen to move the character to the right;


Iii. Sliding , character jumping


Tip: Players can avoid obstacles or pick up items by doing the above!

d) props introduction


2, the way to get points

a) Players can earn points by locking DREP and can redeem RP

When new users enter the game, they can earn points by locking the position and start playing games!


The lock RP DREP acquisition RP rules are as follows:


b) Earn points in the game

Players can earn points by playing games.

i. As the distance the player ran out increased, the points earned will increase;

Ii. Picking up certain items in the game can also increase points.


3, points redemption of the number of games

The points earned by the player can be converted into the number of games used to start the game.


The rules for the number of points redemption are as follows:


4, points redeem RP

Players can redeem RP for points earned, redemption rules: 100 points = 1 RP

Secretly telling everyone, RP may have a big use in the next version of the game!


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