Dapp market report for the third quarter of 2019: total transaction volume of $2.03 billion was down nearly 40% from the previous quarter

Summary of key points

Overall market

Ethereum application: DeFi (decentralized financial applications)

  • The vast majority of Ethereum application users active in the second quarter did not use any Ethereum applications during the quarter, and only about 80,000 Ethernet holders used past centralized applications in the second and third quarters. . But the wave of DeFi has contributed the most users to Ethereum and brought more than 310,000 new users, the highest ever.

  • There are more than 132,000 users under the DeFi category, which is the highest compared to other categories. At the same time, DeFi applications contributed more than 2.275 million ETHs (worth more than $466 million) during the quarter, accounting for more than 58% of all Ethereum applications.

  • MakerDAO and Nest take the lead in the Ethereum DeFi class.

  • Compared to other blockchains, the overall performance of the Ethereum application is fairly stable. Compared with the second quarter, the number of active users, transaction amount and transaction volume did not change much during the quarter.

EOS application: high user retention

  • In the third quarter, the number of EOS's main network accounts and new applications was the slowest compared to the top blockchain platforms such as Ethereum and Wavefield. There were less than 220,000 newly created EOS accounts in the third quarter, and only 80,000 EOS holders started using the app during the quarter.

  • However, EOS has the highest retention rate for decentralized applications compared to other blockchains, with 40% of older users still active in the third quarter. In contrast, Ethereum has 5%, while the wave field is only 15%.

Wave field application

  • In the third quarter, Wavefield added 500,000 new users to the main network, totaling more than 3.7 million home network addresses, making it the largest blockchain platform launched after 2017.

  • The wave field is still the second most popular platform to build a decentralized application, second only to Ethereum.

  • Applications on the wavefield are still dominated by gambling applications, with the smallest differences among all blockchains.


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