The world's first currency circle super IP game "Coin Circle Battle"

The coin circle battle is the first casual sports game with a new gameplay and beautiful pictures created by the currency circle IP. It supports multiplayer simulation and real battle. In the game, players can defeat their opponents by operating their own characters and win the highest rankings to win all the prizes.


The operation of the coin circle is simple, quick to get started, and there are rich competitive elements in the simple, which makes people involuntarily addicted to it. The fairness of the game is also very good, all players are at the same starting point at the beginning of the game, and the competition is personal strategy and operation.


It is divided into three special fields: simulation field, USDT field and CONI field. Each special field is divided into three levels: novice, normal and advanced according to the admission ticket. Players can choose freely according to their personal preferences.

The currency circle big battle quoted the classic character image of the coin circle , huh , huh, a smile, Zhao Xiaopeng, amaranth, Li crying, the needle of the great god Xu, the beef seller, the two sons, the oriental native green onion, five images, each time after the opening is free Choose any role. Different characters have corresponding skills, different weapons, such as slippers, knives, leeks, syringes and bitcoin, there is no obvious difference in strength between the characters.


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Introduction to play

The main battle is to defeat all opponents, win the highest ranking, and win all the prizes. 5 players, the system automatically matches, and players who live to the end can get a bonus.


Starting from the starting point size, you can upgrade by bitcoin, Ethereum, USDT, gold, crystal, diamond.


Make the body shape and weapons bigger and longer, increase the scope of attack, moderate evolution of LV5, and complete evolution of LV10. Launch acceleration skills to help you gain an advantage in the battle. It should be noted that if the coin fights a battle and wins or loses, the weapon will win when it first hits the opponent. It can continue to kill with the next opponent and kill all opponents on the field to win the final victory.



Admission ticket and bonus introduction

The "Dollar Wars" opened three special sessions, namely the simulation field, the USDT field and the CONI field, corresponding to the use of analog coins, USDT and CONI. The analog disc is suitable for novice players, sending 10000GAME analog coins, which can be reset indefinitely.


"Dollar Wars" is a very interesting game. The game mechanics are fair and easy to use. Recharge does not affect the normal game experience. Game masters have the opportunity to make a fortune here, and novices can enjoy simple happiness here. Feeling full of two masters and Li crying to fight with the gods, Zhao short Peng and Dr. Xu slippers and needles confrontation, Dong Bencong from the ancient mysterious power!