INFUN CEO Peng Yang: To be the disruptor of building a new ecosystem in the blockchain game industry

The birth of blockchain technology has brought a lot of new concepts, but also tells the practitioner a new story, a story about the future.

This story will not only affect the game industry, but also the industry based on the existing Internet system. In this new story, blockchain game products are spontaneously distributed through the community, and all contributors can get the benefits of the product. In the virtual world, the data becomes the user-owned asset for the first time.

This new form of communication, new ways of distributing benefits and the form of data ownership will also redefine all aspects of the gaming industry.


Be an industry pioneer, not willing to be subverted

Blockchain is a new subversion for the gaming industry. Between subversion and subversion, Peng Yang chose to be a subversive, not to be expelled by the flood, to be an industry pioneer. "Just like Ma Yun said 'because I believe, so I saw', so I chose the former."

It is true that in the eyes of many blockchain senior practitioners, the blockchain game industry is a continuously growing market of $100 billion.

Traditional games have problems such as game mechanics and data opacity, economic system disorder, players' inability to own assets, and the inability of game assets to transfer transactions across platforms. The decentralization, openness, non-tamperability, cross-chain trading, and Token incentives of the blockchain can justify the existing problems in the industry.

Although the blockchain has brought about a change in the game industry, the development of blockchain games is constrained by the current development environment and the performance of the underlying facilities, and is still seen as a gradual process.

Mountain darkly, vista. INFUN is a team that can survive.

Born in the famous "Eternal Fafnir " glory

It is understood that INFUN's core team comes from Tencent and Ubisoft. Most of the members have 10 years of experience in game development and operation. The team has members from traditional financial institutions to help the team think about the game industry from different angles. , finance, and blockchain technology.

INFUN has developed a new type of chain-building tour in the IOST ecosystem – "Eternal Fafnir", which has similar consumption habits and operating modes as traditional mobile games, and has a rich PVP, PVE and peripheral development system.

IOST is an innovative and secure blockchain technology that provides a highly scalable, high-throughput ecosystem for online virtual services and digital goods exchange. In addition, the IOST ecosystem also enables developers to serve a large number of users with large, decentralized applications that are extremely convenient to deploy on the blockchain.

Why did you choose to develop this EF-like game on the iost public chain? Peng Yang said that because IOST is investing heavily in ecological construction, I am very optimistic about the future growth of IOST, and the professional attitude and practicality of the IOST team. The style is also one of the reasons we choose IOST.

In the "Eternal Fafnir" game, players can control the four hero characters to challenge the BOSS, collect the rewards of the BOSS drop, enhance the hero's strength, to complete the more difficult challenges, and get more and better benefits. Players have a chance to get equipment and special items during the challenge. Selling equipment and props in the trading market can directly benefit from IOST. The game sets the task reward system. After the game is officially launched, the player enters the game to complete the corresponding task every day, and can get the IOST reward, encouraging the active players to play more. There are also a variety of peripheral systems and games in the game, such as pets, skins, leaderboards, PvP arena, special events.

According to Peng Yang, the game will open beta in the near future. Has the following six characteristics:

(1) Game screen. Our art director has been focusing on game art creation for more than ten years, and has made achievements in both 2D and 3D fields. She has performed well in Ubisoft's Might & Magic series and many well-known mobile games and PC games. He is good at a variety of painting styles, especially in the western magic style, and is a powerful guarantee for the quality of EF art.

(2) Growth settings. Each hero in the game has a different growth direction for each BOSS. Some of them are good at attacking, some are highly agile and have high crit. Players can give their own preferences and expectations of the situation. Heroes match different biased equipment and develop combat strategies.

(3) The game is free and easy to operate. Like simple players, you can hang up, players who want to maximize revenue, can be manually operated, both interesting and not burdened by the player.

(4) Achievement mission system. When the player completes the corresponding task in the game, he can get the IOST reward and play more. For the player, the income is more durable and stable. For the project side, the player is more active and the game is better developed.

(5) PVP gameplay. In EF's PVP gameplay, players range from heroes' equipment collocations to combat skill release options. There are countless strategic combinations that can make a completely different effect in combat.

(6) The surrounding functions are perfect and the game activities are rich. Invite friends, leaderboards, skins, pets, world BOSS events, time-limited repo activities, PVP contests, etc., players can experience in the game.

EF is based on IOST. In fact, in the traditional game field, the player is the holder of the currency. The difference is that the base of the holder is not the same as the intrinsic property of the currency.

Let " digital assetization" users like EF become a tractor

“Focus on 'digital assets' is 100% correct, game developers also need to pay attention to users' demands, and light 'game products' is just because they have not played their favorite, or fun products." One of EF's goals is also to hope that it will become a favorite product for users like "digital assets."

Nowadays, players gradually become the inherent impression of "fast forward and fast, lay dividends, project operators manipulate currency control", and the emergence of EF may play a role in reversing the player's concept.

“We also launched the platform plan while developing EF. EF is the first content of the platform to play many roles in it. EF is a very content-oriented chain tour project. Our aim is to let players realize that chain tour It is also an entertainment product. It can also have high playability. Without dividends, players can make money and enjoy music through the game itself, and can continue for a long time,” Peng Yang said.

Blockchain games are different from VR or AR games, and more are staying at the experience level. The business model is also based on the construction of traditional business models. It is more than one hundred but not as good as the traditional game industry. Blockchain games have been born for more than two years. More represents a new product form with new modes of communication, new ways of distributing benefits, and new data ownership.

"The blockchain is a subversion for the game industry. The road to the subversives will certainly not be smooth, but the results are worth our expectation." Peng Yang feels that the blockchain game will not be a short-lived, and will continue to develop.

INFUN has become a partner of IOST. For the future planning, Peng Yang said that he would consider changing the company to INFUN LABS. The mission of INFUN LABS is to “overturn the existing game and entertainment industry through the technology and concept of blockchain”, INFUN LABS is not only A game development company will also become a pioneer in the game industry.