Jia Nan Zhi Zhi: Blockchain is the core that drives the transformation of the network from information interconnection to value interconnection.

According to the China Economic Net, Jianan Zhizhi canaan attended the conference as a special exhibitor at the special forum on the theme of “blockchain boosting China's real economy development”. Jia Nan said that the blockchain is promoting the evolution of network form and function. As the network continues to extend to the industry, the blockchain as a value transfer network can reduce credit costs, optimize industrial resource allocation and improve efficiency. With the continuous evolution and optimization, the future network structure can not only realize the transmission of information, but also realize the transfer of value. Blockchain is the core that drives the transition of information networks from information interconnects to value interconnects. Jia Nan Zhi Zhi believes that in the past ten years, the fastest growing technology in the field of technology is the mobile Internet, and its core is information transmission; the core of the blockchain is value transfer, reducing transaction costs, accelerating supply-side structure optimization, and creating fair and transparent The business network and the effective docking of supply and demand for the industry provide services to promote the high quality development of the real economy. In fact, the blockchain's transparent and non-tamperable nature provides many practical use cases. Blockchain-based financial services applications have the potential to revolutionize international payment methods to make them faster, cheaper, and safer, while trading counterparties are less risky. In addition, the trade finance blockchain platform can improve and accelerate international trade finance. Similarly, in the public sector, blockchain-based applications can better track and certify transactions, and can manage the digital identity of people and ownership and transactional information on different assets such as real estate and vehicles, thereby increasing efficiency and reducing fraud. .