HPB core chain Wang Xiaoming responded to running questions: the current funds are enough to maintain 18 months

In response to the question of the HPB core chain “running the road”, the founder of the project, Wang Xiaoming, responded one by one to the telegraph group today. He said that the current amount of funds held by the Foundation can be maintained for at least 18 months, and the main architect and engineer team of the core chain will still develop technology in full-time status, as well as non-technical teams. Soon after, the team will release a detailed HPB2.0 roadmap. In response to the departure of team members, he said that this is the result of the choice between the two sides. Community governance aims to improve the overall efficiency of the organization, is an opportunity and a challenge, and respects everyone's choice. Partners are still supporting project development in a variety of ways. According to previous reports, the HPB core chain project has recently opened community autonomy, and three co-founders and half full-time employees have also decided to leave the project. Some industry insiders interpret this as “running the road”.