Exclusive | Cai Weige officially became general manager of Tencent Virtual Bank Blockchain

Babbitt was exclusively informed on November 15 that Cai Yige, the former general manager of the blockchain business of Tencent, officially became the general manager of the Tencent Virtual Bank blockchain. During his tenure, Cai Weige led the Tencent blockchain team to actively promote the research and development of the underlying technology of the blockchain, and to achieve commercial applications in the fields of electronic invoicing, supply chain finance, legal deposit, and games. Among them, the blockchain invoices are blooming in many places in Yunnan, Shenzhen, and multiple scenes and multiple industries are connected. It has achieved a lot of invoices of more than 10 million invoices. It has spread widely in the industry and established the industry's brand awareness of the blockchain in Tencent. .

This job change is not groundless. On November 8th, "2019 World Blockchain Conference·Wuzhen", Cai Yuge revealed that Tencent has obtained a virtual banking license from the Hong Kong Monetary Authority and is preparing for virtual Bank blockchain project. At present, Tencent has already implemented digital asset practices in supply chain finance, improving asset and capital allocation efficiency. This change reflects Tencent's emphasis on the new battlefield of Hong Kong's virtual banking. Based on Tencent's Hong Kong virtual banking platform, under the leadership of Cai Weige, I believe that Tencent's blockchain business map will have a new breakthrough.