Tencent's third quarter report: financial technology revenue accounted for nearly 30%, payment, wealth management, blockchain business continued to increase

According to TechWeb, on November 13, Tencent released third-quarter financial data, showing revenue growth of 21% in the third quarter of this year, mainly driven by commercial payment services and other financial technology services, smartphone games, social and other advertising businesses. . In addition to traditional payment services, new technologies such as blockchain are also becoming the focus of Tencent's financial technology. The exploration and application of the blockchain field has been carried out in recent years: Tencent and other Internet giants are focusing on the exploration of blockchain bills and supply chain finance. According to the relevant person in charge of Tencent, in the current application of the blockchain application of Tencent, the blockchain electronic invoice project “tax chain”, supply chain financial project “micro-enterprise chain”, judicial deposit certificate project “to the letter chain” and The city bank bank draft projects have achieved certain results.