Review: The three major stock indexes weakened again, the Shanghai Composite Index fell 0.6%, and the performance of the blockchain sector continued to deteriorate.

On November 15th, the three major stock indexes were almost flat in the morning, and the index shocked weaker. In general, the market is generally divided, the rate of individual stocks is gradually strengthening, and the effect of making money is average. However, near the close of the morning, the three major indices collectively attacked and turned red. In general, individual stocks have gradually risen, the money-making effect has climbed, and the market atmosphere has gradually improved. In the afternoon, the three major stock indexes maintained a volatile pattern. On the disk, technology and blue chip stocks such as chips are still strong. The money is not high, the money-making effect is weakening again, and the transactions in the two cities are relatively deserted. At the end of the session, the three major stock indexes weakened again, and the performance of pork and blockchain continued to deteriorate. In general, the wait-and-see mood of funds has become more and more intense, and the concept of the subject matter has also deteriorated. From the perspective of the disk, e-sports, rare earths, and steel sectors are at the forefront of the list, and the breeding industry, wireless headsets, and digital currency sectors are among the top losers.