Guangxi promotes cross-border financial blockchain platform

According to China Financial News Network, on October 31, under the active guidance of the Guangxi Branch of the Foreign Exchange Bureau, Bank of China Beihai Branch successfully completed the cross-border financial blockchain service platform (hereinafter referred to as the platform) of the State Administration of Foreign Exchange for Wanjing Seafood in Beihai City. Co., Ltd.'s export account receivable of 250,000 US dollars handled 1.45 million yuan of export commercial invoice discounting business, completed the application for financing on the platform, verification of the customs declaration on the chain, bank audit and offline financing, and registration of financing results. The whole process operation has achieved the first breakthrough in the business of the blockchain platform in Guangxi. Next, the Guangxi Branch of the Foreign Exchange Bureau will actively organize more market-oriented and demanding banks to participate in the platform pilot, promote the application of cross-border financial blockchain platform in export receivables financing, and finance SMEs through financial technology innovation. Difficult, financing and provide more convenient, comprehensive and effective solutions.