Blockchain empowers military information security, and password companies are welcoming new tracks

According to the weekly news of the securities market, the "People's Liberation Army" published in the 07th edition of November 12, 2019, the application of blockchain technology in the field of management has been paid more and more attention. The application of blockchain technology to military management will further drive Innovative development of military management. At present, the A-share market has companies such as Beixinyuan and Hengjiu Technology to provide information security services to the military. The leading enterprise in the field of terminal security management in China is mainly providing leading solutions in the field of information security, providing customers with a complete set of information services including software development, secure and controllable solutions, maintenance services and security system integration. The users are involved in government agencies, military military, finance, energy and other industries. Recently, the company said that it is actively concerned about the development of the blockchain industry and its development direction.