Analysis of the madman market on April 21: The sharp correction of the mainstream currency is the starting point for continuous decline?

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Yesterday, the madman mentioned in the title that the choice of EOS direction will become the direction of the whole market. How did this conclusion come from? The reason is very simple. From the perspective of the K-line trend, EOS has always been the leader in the mainstream currency. It has been defying all the way, and finally began to oscillate at a high level. The characteristic of the leader is to rise first, first to oscillate, to adjust first, so it has the characteristics of the leading indicator. Today, EOS began to choose the volume down at 15 o'clock, bringing the entire market into the adjustment market. We are not surprised by this adjustment, because the high risk has been prompted many times.

Bitcoin currently chooses to step back on the 5th line, but other mainstream currencies have begun to fall sharply, indicating that there is a clear withdrawal of funds, then the possibility of continuous adjustment in the market will be greater, and this position is also likely to be this wave market. The top of the rebound, so before the market has not significantly warmed up, we can continue to lighten up the rest, whether it is new funds or stock users have a significant decline recently, so it is more difficult to go to the new high, it is recommended to leave only the bottom warehouse, Other funds were cleared for the market to fall.


Analysis of the madman market on April 21: The sharp correction of the mainstream currency is the starting point for continuous decline?

After a few days of shrinking shocks, the final direction has chosen to go down. This high-level callback is expected to last for a while and just started to fall. I suggest you not to go to the bottom and wait for the opportunity.


The decline was not large, but there was also a small increase, strong support around 165, but the overall performance of the market is not good, it is likely to be directly brought down, so temporarily do not participate.


In the recent third time, it fell to the support level near 0.3. The previous two times did not fall. This time, the amount is not very large, so the downside is not large. In the long run, the opportunity is greater than the risk.


The short-term is expected to be dominated by the 2.2-2.4 area. It is also not recommended that you just add a position.


The volume dropped back to the pressure of 0.072, but the downward trend has not changed. The main reason is that the market as a whole has generally fallen. If there is an accelerated decline tomorrow, consider replenishing the position.

There is nothing to talk about in the whole market. Basically, the callback is the main one. Since the direction of the high position has been chosen, the probability of reversing in the short term is not big. Do not easily have illusions, but the beginning of the fall often has long and short differences. It is not ruled out that there will be a small rebound in the market. At this time, the rebound is mainly based on lightening the position, so it is easy not to go to the position.

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