Tencent has applied for 300 blockchain patents

Wang Leqing, Director of Tencent Blockchain Products, China Securities Network today, is on the SSE. The industry frontier of “Integrating Opportunities and Opportunities in the Fusion Chain” is the latest panorama of the technology chain layout of Tencent. In the past four years since the research and application of blockchain technology, Tencent has applied for 300 blockchain patents. At present, the blockchain technology of Tencent has been deeply embedded in many fields such as taxation, finance, justice, finance, public welfare, etc. Its business carrier (ie product form) includes electronic invoices, financial instruments, judicial deposits, Supply chain, bill business, public welfare search. Taking its tax scene as an example, as of 12:39 on October 30, the number of invoices for electronic invoices in Shenzhen City Blockchain exceeded 10 million. This is the first time since the birth of the first blockchain electronic invoice in Shenzhen in August last year. Another milestone. At present, Tencent has more than 7,600 enterprises, which are widely used in hundreds of industries such as financial insurance, retailer super, hotel catering and parking services. The invoice amount has exceeded 7 billion yuan.