Jianan Road Show PPT Exposure: Li Jiaxuan and Zhang Nanyi hold 15.2% and 15% respectively, with a range of 9 to 11 US dollars.

According to the report of Lei Di, Jianan canaan in the first nine months of this year, the company's total revenue reached 95.94 million yuan. Before the IPO, Li Jiaxuan held 16.2%, Zhang Nanyi held 16%, Kong Jianping held 12.1%, and Sun Qifeng held 5.8%. After the IPO, Li Jiaxuan held 15.2% and had 4.9% voting rights; Zhang Nanyi held 15% and had 72.6% voting rights; Kong Jianping held 11.3% and 3.6% voting rights; Sun Qifeng held 5.5% and 1.8% Voting rights. Odaily Planet Daily reported that Jianan canaan renewed its prospectus yesterday, releasing a release range of $9 to $11 and issuing 10,000,000 ADSs. The estimated fundraising amount is up to $110 million. Jianan canaan is listed on the NASDAQ in the United States and is expected to be listed next week (previously it was reported that the listing time was November 21). In response to the question of “reducing the amount of funds raised due to poor road performance”, Jia Nan responded: No comments will be submitted.