Opinion: Bakkt has many doubts, and it is Wall Street’s attack on Bitcoin.

As Bakkt's trading volume seems to continue to grow, one skeptic believes that the benefits of bitcoin futures platforms for physical settlement are far less good than many originally thought. YouTube blogger Chico Crypto even bluntly said that Bakkt represents Wall Street's attack on Bitcoin. Noting that Bakkt never posted a public address for its hosting solution, Chico Crypto suspected that the company behind the Bakkt Warehouse hosting solution might have been created by Bakkt itself. After further research, he concluded that there is no public information about the process of extracting bitcoin from Bakkt Warehouse. This seems doubtful given that other regulated deliverable contracts have issued detailed information about how the trader will actually receive the merchandise. In addition, Chico Crypto said that the company that provided the hosting solution was acquired by Bakkt in August 2018, and its acquisition cost was surprisingly low compared to similar acquisitions by cryptocurrency companies.