The community has a dispute around the Twitter account @Bitcoin, as the account has long been released to support BCH content.

On April 22nd, cryptocurrency enthusiasts on Twitter were controversial because of the account @Bitcoin. Since the account has been releasing BCH content for a long time, it has made some Bitcoin Core (BTC) supporters angry. Some extremists have reported the account to the Twitter administrator. Messari analyst Zack Voell posted a screenshot of his private message with Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey. Dorsey replied to Voell in a private letter saying "What do you suggest me to do?" But after being criticized by netizens for sharing ignorance with other people's private messages, Voell has removed tweets with private screenshots. After Voell issued the tweet, many BCH supporters changed the Twitter avatar to @Bitcoin's avatar and launched a "#WeAreAllBitcoin" tag campaign to protest.